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OrangUtan® Baby Outdoor Cleaning Water (60ml) - Spray

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Product Code : OrangUtan® Baby Outdoor Cleaning Water (60ml) - Spray
Category : Safety & Health, Baby, Baby, Kids & Toys
Product Brand : OrangUtan®
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Product Description

What in the box
1 bottle OrangUtan® Baby Outdoor Cleaning Water (60ml) – Spray


  • Chemical Surfactant and Alcohol Free
  • Natural Babycare
  • Just Spray & Wipe
  • Kill Germs and Bacteria
  • Odorless, Colorless and Foamless
  • For Baby, Lady and Outdoor Use
  • Remove Oil, Grease and Dirt Effectively


OrangUtan Baby Outdoor Cleaning Water is made for simple cleaning of baby items during outdoor trips! Made from alkaline Electrolyzed Water Technology, it provides safe cleaning and sanitizing without using chemical surfactant, synthetic drying agents and alcohols. The foam-less property enables easy cleaning; just spray and wipe clean. The product provides convenience with safe cleaning and sanitizing property. We will enjoy more fun time without all the hectic cleaning work.

Area of application: Baby toy, water and milk bottles, teething items, baby nipples, baby tableware, eating utensils, baby chairs, strollers and other baby items.

Direction of use: Just spray and wipe clean with paper towel or dry cloth.

Ingredient: Alkaline Electrolyzed Water


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