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Product Code : KF-RB-001
Category : Wellness Centre, Injury & Pain Relief , Cream/Balm
Product Brand : KUNG FU®
Product Weight : 0.1 kg
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RM 40.00
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1 bottle x KUNG FU® RUB (100g)


  • used to relieve pain and swelling
  • promotes blood circulation to aid in recovery from injuries.
  • loosens tight muscles cause by overexertion.
  • pre-sport warm-up and prevents micro injuries.
  • Shorten recovery time
  • "Non-heating” and "Non-spicy” sensation.
  • "Less Greasy” formula.
  • Made from natural herbs and coconut oil
  • Shorten recovery time
  • Suitable for repeated injuries and bruising on body area.
  • "Non-heating” and "Non-spicy” sensation.
  • For pre-sports warming up and protects your body during sport session.
  • Made from natural herbs and coconut oil, convenient to apply and easily absorbed into skin.
  • Treating pain and injury while strengthening bones and tissue.
  • Lessen the possibility of long-term negative effects caused by injuries and micro-injuries such as micro-tear of muscle, micro-trauma of tissue and micro-fracture of bones.
  • Prolongs the active sporting life span, athlete career and health.
  • "Less Greasy” formula.
  • Suitable for extreme sports training martial arts, "Toughening”, "Breaking” and "Hardening” training.
  • Works equally well for martial arts and athlete injuries.
Direction of Use: Apply and massage for warming up and recover from pain and discomforts on affected area.
Ingredient: Each gram contains: Coconut oil (0.17g), Camphor (0.01g), Radix Acanthopanax gracilistylus (0.01g), Radix Achyranthes bidentata (0.01g), Flos Crocus sativus (0.01g), Davallia mariesii (0.01g), Dipsacus japonicas (0,01g), Enkianthus quinqueflorus (0,01g), Herba Lycopus lucidus (0.01g), Rhizoma Notopteryngium incisum (0,01g), Ramulus cinnamomi cassia (0,01g), Tinospora sinensis (0,01g).


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