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Product Code : KUNG FU® BALM
Category : Wellness Centre, Injury & Pain Relief , Cream/Balm
Product Brand : KUNG FU®
Product Weight : 1 kg
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RM 30.00
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Product Description

  • Used for congestion, stuffy nose, flatulence and itch caused by insect bites.
  • Instant relief stiff neck and shoulder pains due to work stress.
  • Alleviates swelling, headached, backaches, muscle and joint pains, strains, bruises, sprains and improves blood circulation.
  • Made from natural herbs and coconut oil
  • Promotes natural healing process

  • Instant relief for everyday pain, aches and discomforts; brings warmth and comfort to weary muscle and soothes everyday muscle aches, stiff neck and pains arising from stress, overwork or heavy exercise.
  • Made from natural herbs and coconut oil, convenient to apply and easily absorbed into skin.
  • Fusion of valuable eastern therapy wisdom and western essential oil aroma-therapy working principle.
  • Calms your senses and relieving tension, giving a sense of wellness to body and mind while restoring balance in modern hectic life.
  • Promotes natural healing process of the body for excellent body fitness and general health condition.
  • Relieves general sports injury, swelling, strains, sprains, cramp, back pain (Lumbago), stiff neck, stuffy nose, flatulence, rheumatic aches, insect stings and bites, travel sickness and headaches.

Direction for use: Apply and massage on the affected area of pains and discomforts.

Ingredients : Each gram contains: Coconut Oil (0.1g), Menthol (0.1g), Peppermint Oil (0,07g), Eucalyptus Oil (0.05g), Camphor (0.03g), Radix Achyranthes bidentata (0.02g), Radix Angelica pubescens (0.02g), Davallia mariesii (0.02g), Rhizoma Notopterygium incisum (0.02g), Radix Panax notoginseng (0.02g), Caulis Spatholobus suberectus (0.02g).


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